bannas are yelow and other fruits have various colors want to debate about it bring it


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Facebook A Help in Class or distraction

How Facebook Helps Students



What Teachers Think


Facebook in the Business Industry


Solutions For Students and Teachers


honestly i think my face book helps me in class but that’s not what the teachers think

Student Benefits of facebook —

** all businesses now have facebook pages, industry practice
** increase exposure and awareness of issues in your community
** store images for research or writing projects

Why Teachers Balk —

** kids talk to friends in stead of class work

** there is inappropriate stuff on facebook


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Presidential Debate ( Continued )

It’s close and i think this is anybody’s race from now thanks to hurricane Sandy Obama has canceled his next campaign no news on Romney but I think he is going to cancel his but other than that due to this graph shown above it looks close and I am waiting for more updates. I also believe the next update may have Romney in the lead. Now on the last debate here is what happened. Twice during the first half-hour, Romney mentioned that Al Qaeda-affiliated groups were active in northern Mali. Was that in the morning’s briefing book? But you know at least he brought up the issue when it happened Obama covered it up and did not send help thats what makes me upset he also denied help and cost a navy seals life.man thats bs

This is the navy seal that disobeyed Obamas’ order to save his fellow Americans and died for what he thought was right and Mr. Obama watched him die live on the security camera and still denied the help so did Ms. Clinton which is bull. We knew 24 hours before the attack and they said it was because of a video that no one has seen yet and arrested the guy who made the video OBAMA SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FOR HIS MORONIC MISTAKE THANKS FOR THE DEATH OF A FAMILY MEMBER. R.I.P Tyrone Woods you were like a cousin to me.

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presidential debate

For all its fireworks, the debate broke little new ground and underscored that the differences between the two men on foreign policy rest more on tone, style and their sense of leadership than on certain policies. Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney seemed to align on matters like withdrawal from Afghanistan, the perils of intervening in Syria and the use of drones to battle terrorists. To read the full article click the link below.


Mr. Obama, in his acceptance speech, said, “We can help big factories and small businesses double their exports, and if we choose this path, we can create a million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years.” But I can’t say this any heavier but we cannot afford four more years we are debt and Mr. Obama in his for years just keeps adding onto the deficit and added 16 trillion in debt.

Mr. Romney held a rally in Pueblo, Colo., on Monday before leaving for New York to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting on Tuesday. President Obama is also scheduled to address the meeting after Mr. Romney. Campaign aides are seeking to shift to a busier schedule in the field, recognizing that Mr. Romney needs more time on the campaign trail if he is to halt what appears to be slowly building momentum, at least in opinion polls, for Mr. Obama, who has taken a small but worrying lead in some swing states after months in which the race had seemed deadlocked. But the dead lock will be ended soon, Romney is going to cut the deficit and delete the 16 trillion in debt in America, and do everything Obama couldn’t

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todays debate tomatoes fruit or vegitable

Ok you all know that tomatoe tomato deal but I’m want to say fruit instead of veggies if you agree or disagree like and comment. and you guys give me a topic or ill come up with one did you know tomatoes are a fruit

🙂 ❤

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Todays Debate The Legalization and or Illeagalization of cannabis products.

now the first argument is are you for or not for legalizing cannabis (marijuana) I personally am for legalizing cannabis not that I smoke cannabis it’s that I’ve done research. I honestly think it’s much healthier for you than cigarettes and it is also used as medicine. cannabis is a plant and no harmful chemicals are added unlike cigarettes. 

Follow and comment you opinion.

(list facts please and links)

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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